How To Attract Strong, Professional Prospects To Your MLM Business

At the age of eighteen, I was fortunate enough to be mentored by one of the best, most skilled recruiters in the country. He was the VP of Development for a franchise company that produced training and development programs for company employees. To find suitable franchisees, the company ran ads in the Wall Street Journal looking for recently downsized Fortune 100 senior executives (primarily CEO’s, CFO’s and SVP types) that were looking to start their own business in the corporate training industry.

My mentor trained me to be the very first person they spoke with. The idea was that if I thought they were truly a serious prospect and if they would take the action steps I instructed them to take (completing a “homework” exercise), then they MIGHT get the opportunity to speak with him.

Here I was, barely old enough to shave, rubbing elbows over the phone with some incredibly strong personalities and highly successful people, most of whom could write a check for the entire office building I was calling them from. I quickly learned that only STRENGTH attracts STRENGTH.

More to come…

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