MLM Recruiting Secrets: 5 Steps to Making Strong Prospects Snap to Attention

If you want to recruit strong people, your vision must be bigger than theirs or they won’t follow you through the recruiting process. After all, why should they?

Here are 5 simple steps to follow (and practice) to grab and hold the attention of strong potential recruits:

  • First, you control the conversation with questions about them. Begin by asking them what they perceive to be their greatest professional strengths. This gets them talking about themselves, but it also tells you how they see themselves (whether it’s true or not). Listen for what they pride themselves on and what they feel most confident about themselves.
  • Second, you establish your vision. Lay out your vision of what you are looking to accomplish with a team of the right leaders. Paint a word picture in full vivid color (keeping it brief). Make it grand, exciting and compelling.
  • Next, you set the expectations. Tell your prospect what kind of qualities you are looking for in a leader on your team. BE SURE to highlight some of the most desirable qualities you heard them use to describe themselves back in step #1 (but don’t use their exact words). If you do this correctly, the prospect will interrupt you and start selling YOU on why THEY are the person you’re looking for. Let them do it and don’t interrupt. Now they are putting themselves into your picture in their own mind.
  • Stroke their ego. Agree with them that it does appear “on the surface” that they have at least some of the qualities you are looking for. Do NOT, however, make the mistake of getting “too excited” at this point about what a great fit you think they are. Hold them a bit at arm’s length because of the next step.
  • Confront their potential weaknesses. This is a critical step not to leave off if they are to follow you. Now is when you raise a legitimate concern with them about why they may NOT be the person you’re looking for – and have THEM sell you on how they would overcome it (don’t you do it for them). If you listened carefully in step one, you should have been able to pick up on some legitimate potential obstacles that would need to be overcome in order for them to have success as a part of your team. These would be obstacles such as time, money, other people’s opinions, new skills to develop, fear, worry, lack of motivation to make a change, etc.

In summary, some major keys to remember in recruiting heavy hitters are:

  1. You control the conversation with questions about them.
  2. You establish your vision.
  3. You set the expectations.
  4. Stroke their ego, BUT…
  5. Always be ready to confront their potential weaknesses and – in the process – keep them selling YOU on why they are a good fit for your team.

Onward and Upward!!

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