Never Hear NO From Your MLM Recruiting Prospects

Doug Firebaugh has long been one of my favorite network marketing trainers because he brings such passion to everything he does, and he is able to train on such a wide variety of MLM related topics.

Doug posted an excellent training on his blog about how to never get a “no” from your network marketing recruiting prospects. I have used this technique for many years myself, and it will help you to operate from a position of strength in your recruiting efforts.

As Doug highlights in his post, using this approach can have a dramatic effect on your business because your confidence level goes through the roof when you know you’re not going to get a “no”.

Here are some of Doug’s main tips on using this powerful approach:

  • Look past your prospect – focus on recruiting THROUGH them. Your mindset must be that you are NOT after THEM, but rather who they know that you can help, and they stand to gain in the process.
  • Seeing beyond your prospect is the key to this approach. Focus on who they know, like and have credibility with. Who are the sharpest people they know? If they were starting a company, who would they want on their board of directors?
  • Once you practice and master it, this is one of the most powerful tactics that will dramatically speed up your recruiting.

When you ask your prospect to refer you to people they know (rather than trying to recruit THEM into your MLM network marketing business), you will hear the word NO far, far less.

You can check out Doug’s original post here, and if you like what you see you may also be interested in visiting his Tools and Resources page for some of his training products.

Onward and Upward!!

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