Remember The Swan

Picture for moment a beautiful, bright white swan – gliding effortlessly across a motionless glass lake on a perfect day. The swan’s every move is elegant, serene and sophisticated.

Then watch as the camera dips below the surface of the water, and what do we see? We see the swan’s stubby little legs paddling furiously to take it from place to place.

Many of the recruiting prospects we talk with are much like the swan. They want you to think they have everything under control. They project an appearance that says, “I’m calm, cool and collected and I’ve got it made in the shade.” They may live in fancy houses, drive fancy cars and have “big, important jobs”.

But guess what?

For the vast majority of these prospects, underneath the surface their little legs are paddling like the dickens just to keep afloat!

Like most people, they know in their heart of hearts that if they stop working they stop getting paid.

That’s where you and your network marketing opportunity come in.

So don’t be intimidated and don’t flinch. Just remember the swan.

Onward and Upward!!

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