Meet Chuck

Chuck Siegel is an Internet entrepreneur and Work At Home Dad who lives in Waco, Texas with his wife Wrendy and their youngest daughter, Marissa. Their oldest daughter, Kelsie, is pursuing her education in Bryan, Texas.

At the age of 17, Chuck entered the franchising industry under the direct mentorship of one of the most successful franchise recruiters of all time. A few months after his 18th birthday, Chuck became the youngest Franchise Director in the history of that national franchising company. The years that followed helped him develop specialized skills to recruit high level executives into $30K to $100K franchise opportunities.

Just prior to his career in network marketing, Chuck co-founded a consulting and training company in Austin, Texas, custom designing and delivering sales, management and customer service training programs for clients such as Dell, 3M, Apple and many other smaller companies.

Chuck began his network marketing career in 1997, and today is a six-figure income earner with his primary company with over 5,000 independent associates on his team.

To contact Chuck or learn more about his primary network marketing business, click here.

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