Why Burned Out Professionals Are Choosing Network Marketing

Many network marketers are too intimidated to approach professionals about joining their business. But they are EXACTLY who YOU should be targeting right now.

Why? Because more and more professionals are looking to network marketing as their ticket to exit the rat race.

Why Target Professionals?

Would you like to have an army of highly motivated, “get-it-done” types on your team? What would it mean to your business to have a team of career minded people that know exactly what they want their business to accomplish for them (and by when) and are accustomed to working long hours in pursuit of their life goals?

Why NOW Is Your Best Opportunity To Recruit Professionals

Here’s what’s happening in corporate America right now.

Job security is at an all time low. Companies are laying off many of their highest paid, most capable and experienced professionals. A weak economy combined with uncertainty about how the federal government will tax and regulate businesses are forcing employers to shrink their workforce.

Yesterday’s top talent is being systematically replaced by a never ending stream of young, inexperienced workers who are willing to work for far less. Most employers are dramatically scaling back or eliminating their pensions, retirement plans and health care benefits. As a result, the average job position today only lasts 4.5 years before the employee is cut loose and turned back to the ranks of the unemployed or underemployed.

More professionals are now finding themselves working two or more part-time jobs in an effort to make ends meet.

The Big Fat Lie That Keeps Being Told

Today’s professionals were lied to, and many are just now figuring it out.

They were told that if they would go into debt to obtain a college degree, some big company “out there” would give them a job with fully paid benefits for the next 40 years, then at age 65 they’d be able to retire comfortably with a pension, paid benefits and social security. It’s now been over two generations since this scenario was even remotely common, yet it’s still being preached in our educational institutions today.

You CAN and SHOULD focus on helping professionals build the stable financial future they originally set out to build. In today’s economy, a solid network marketing opportunity is their very best hope to accomplish this.

A Prediction

I predict that five short years from now, those networkers who have correctly identified and capitalized on this historic opportunity will have built some of the largest incomes in the history of network marketing. Those who ignore it will be left wondering what happened.

How To Attract Today’s Professionals to YOU

The Internet is by far the tool of choice in reaching today’s professionals. TIP: They are NOT looking for the kind of countless “harassment marketing” online ads you see used by the vast majority of MLM recruiters, touting this “hot” income opportunity or that “must have” product. They’ve seen them all before, and they actually repel the sharp prospects you seek.

What they actively search for are totally free, “no-strings-attached” educational information sites and content that truly provide a real value to the reader. You must learn become a subject matter expert they can trust, sharing free information that can help them finally get free of the corporate rat race – without directly marketing your opportunity or products.

This is by far the most effective approach to generating high quality recruiting leads for your MLM business on the Internet. This is because we have all learned that if we want to know about something, we can most likely find it for free on the Internet without being harassed if we are willing to look for it. You become a trusted advisor when you provide this service.

This is the kind of approach that today’s professionals respond to.

If you would like to learn to become an expert in “attraction marketing” (learning how to properly position yourself to attract the type of professional prospects you seek to build your MLM business), you can start today by reading Ann Sieg’s free report entitled “The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto“. I firmly believe her simple, step-by-step methods for getting high quality prospects to seek you out are the best in the industry. You can download her free 71-page eBook here.

Onward and Upward!!

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